January 10, 2024
AC Repair in Austin, TX

You may be thinking about getting your air conditioner serviced but do not know what it entails. Servicing your cooling system is essential to keeping it working properly. Here is what is included in an AC service visit.

What Happens During an AC Service Visit?

During an AC service visit, a technician first performs an inspection of your air conditioner to determine if it is working properly. A maintenance specialist checks all mechanical and electrical components for safety and efficiency.

A technician checks the condenser and evaporator coils to make sure that airflow is not restricted. The condenser coils are in the outdoor unit. If any outside debris has built up, it needs to be removed. The evaporator coils are part of the indoor AC system and may have too much dirt or dust that reduces airflow and the ability to absorb heat. Inspecting these two components will ensure that more serious problems do not arise.

During an AC visit, a service professional inspects the blower motor and fan that are usually with the indoor unit. These parts are essential for your air conditioner to work properly and need to be monitored for any excessive wear and tear. A technician also lubricates these and other moving parts in your AC to avoid damage from too much friction.

A service professional also evaluates all electrical connections for any hazards and cleans out dust and debris that has accumulated in your unit. Electrical wiring, debris buildup, and lack of lubrication can lead to your AC breaking down. An AC visit helps alleviate these concerns and avoid extra costs.

If a component needs to be replaced, a technician will usually return on a follow-up visit to handle those repairs before they become more substantial. If the repair is a major one, the maintenance professional will discuss your options and whether a new unit is recommended.

What Else Does an AC Service Visit Include?

An AC visit includes more than checking the main components. A technician also cleans out your system’s condensate line so that your air conditioner can drain condensation and liquid. If this line gets clogged, excessive moisture can accumulate and even spill out from the bottom of your unit. In addition, a service professional checks the drain pan to determine if any leaks are coming from it.

AC visits also include a check on your thermostat. A service technician tests and calibrates your thermostat so that it correctly works with your AC unit and does not cause it to turn on too frequently or not enough.

Scheduling your air conditioner maintenance also means getting your air filters checked and changed. Clogged air filters are a leading cause of AC problems and can lead to more expensive repairs.

Air filters accumulate dust, dirt, pet dander, mold, and other particles. Dirty filters interrupt the proper airflow of your house, making your unit work harder to cool it. Having your air filters changed out with an AC visit will make sure your system is running well and not adding more to your energy bill. The Department of Energy estimates that replacing dirty air conditioning filters can reduce energy costs by 5% to 15%.

In addition, AC visits allow a maintenance professional to check and adjust refrigerant levels so that your AC performs at its best and is energy efficient. A service technician will also test for any refrigerant leaks with a detector. Maintaining proper refrigerant without leaks is essential to your cooling system and a comfortable home.

Scheduling AC Service

Regularly scheduled professional maintenance for your AC is the best way to protect your cooling system. Having your air conditioner serviced at least once per year provides multiple benefits.

Getting your AC serviced protects your unit from mechanical and electrical problems that could bring costly repairs. The services performed by a maintenance professional also improve energy efficiency and keep air quality on track. A certified technician ensures that your AC is ready to work when you need it and delivers the air the way it should.

Further, AC service helps keep your warranty in place. Most manufacturers require annual maintenance of units to keep warranties active. In turn, securing your warranty allows you to keep your cooling system protected and extend its life.

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