Heat PumpsA heat pump is an efficient system to use in Austin, TX for cooling and heating your home. It uses innovative technology to transfer heat into or outside of your home. However, you need heat pump repair services if your system begins leaking, making strange noises, or consuming too much energy.

    Keeping your heat pump in good condition will allow you to get around 10-15 years of use out of it. Schedule heat pump repair services as soon as it malfunctions, though, and schedule maintenance services twice a year. As a full-service cooling and heating company, Totally Cool Heating & Air is here to help!

    We also provide heat pump services in Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and surrounding locations.

    Facts About Your Austin Texas Heat Pump

    One of the secrets of how a heat pump works is refrigerant. The refrigerant helps the system transfer heat where it needs to go for maintaining a comfortable home. Mild to hot climates like Austin benefit the most from the energy savings of a heat pump. It doesn’t become cold enough in Austin for the heat pump to have problems keeping up with heating.

    Like an air conditioning system, a heat pump has an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor handler. The condenser functions like an evaporator when it’s in heating mode and a condenser in cooling mode.

    You usually don’t need to replace a heat pump until it’s 10–15 years old. Repairs are often the more cost-effective solution in new systems.

    Signs that you need heat pump replacement services:
    • High energy bills
    • Noisy operation
    • Frequent breakdowns
    • Discomfort indoors

    Once an old system begins showing the above signs, you may want to look into a replacement. Outdated heat pumps aren’t able to operate as efficiently as when they were new. Repairs can only do so much once the system ages.

    If you would like to schedule a heat pump installation, we’ll need to inspect your property for its insulation, electrical capabilities, and layout. This will ensure that you receive the right system that will operate correctly. Incompatible heat pumps may not work or will drive up your energy bills.

    We stock Lennox heat pumps and offer good deals on quality heat pump installations in Austin. Lennox is one of the top brands. If you have your eye on another brand, we can install it, too. Our skilled technicians work on all makes and models.


    Heat Pump Repair in Austin TX

    Totally Cool Heating & Air is an experienced company that can service or install a heat pump in Austin. We offer emergency repairs after hours and on the weekends via an appointment. You also have the option of receiving financing on approved credit for heat pump installations.

    We stand by the quality of our services and parts and provide a 30-day labor guarantee. All of the parts that we use in repairs and maintenance come with manufacturer warranties.

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