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I chose these guys over 3 other AC companies because they were the cheapest and Mark explained the different options and prices without trying to up sell. He was very flexible with me wanting to get a heat pump hybrid system and even recommended installing another register in a room that gets a hot spot. He was not a high pressure salesman with fancy brochures and high prices. Other bids were asking 3-4 thousand more dollars. Shelley works in the office and was extremely good about communication and was polite. Anthony has been in the business for 16 years and was very knowledgeable and nice. He did the final walk through with me.

- J Google Icon

Our AC stopped working, totally Cool came out the same day, diagnosed the problem. They made an attempt to reset the hipressure valve to try and fix the issue at a low cost. The reset didn’t hold and they needed to replace the outside fan. They were back the very next day and fixed everything. AC works great. Really appreciate a company that offers and tries a lower cost alternative rather than just going straight to replacement. The bill came in cheaper than expected and was extremely fair. Great experience over all and will be a repeat customer.

- Scott C. Google Icon

Great company! Came in to the house did the inspection and quickly had a date for them to come back and improve my home to save energy and money in bills. Always available when I called for any questions and overall great work.

- Teresa A. Google Icon

Anthony is very knowledgeable about ac units and gave us a lot of info about our unit. He checked out our ac system and added coolant to our system. We enjoyed meeting him. Everyone at Totally Cool is so nice and helpful, and we are so glad we can depend on them.

- David S. Google Icon

Great service!! Anthony got up on a 2 story roof (it was 107 degrees), and quickly diagnosed the problem with my a/c. Replaced a capacitor, cleaned the coils, added a little freon, and it is working better than ever now! He also cleaned the drain while he was up there. This is the second time I have used this company, and I would highly recommend them!!

- Steve K. Google Icon

Good annual service call from Anthony of Totally Cool yesterday. Glad to report that the Lenox HVAC system they install several years ago is doing well.

- David C. Yelp Icon

I still have the house in Austin that I bought as a young thing. For over a decade, Shelly at Totally Cool has handled scheduling regular maintenance on my AC and heating at the (now rental) house twice a year. They let me know if something is wonky, and they don't rip me off when I authorize repairs. We have been really, really happy with the service techs and staff. Two thumbs up. We have had zero problems with Shelly handling things. Austin rules, so does Totally Cool.

- MJ J. Yelp Icon

I am a renter and the mgt. company managing my rental home uses Totally cool. The issue in my home was complicated and Anthony was so great at explaining everything to me and explaining what the steps to diagnosing the issue and how to fix it. He worked with my landlord and me to find a solution, even though eventually it did require replacing the outside unit. He did everything he could to save this system, and was very up front about everything. He came by to check the work of some techs, and when he found some issues (the only reason they don't get 5 stars is b/c of some mistakes which were totally addressed and fixed in a timely fashion) they were addressed and are now fixed. I think some of the techs need some more experience, maybe, but Anthony fixed everything and came back to make sure everything was right. AC is a tricky thing, and I'm happy my mgt company uses these folks, and if I can ever afford a home here, I'd call them first for any AC needs.

- Leslie P. Yelp Icon

I have heard about and known Totally Cool for all of 1 hour and I am a raving fan already. I called them based on a recommendation from my realtor. I had messed something up when switching our thermostat and our AC and heat no longer worked. We were having a home inspection from a person interested in buying our house. Not having a working HVAC system would have been pretty bad. The person that responded when I called had someone routed to my home in less than a few minutes. I wasn't expecting it to be that fast so I had to get in my car immediately and head back to my house to meet them there. I got there the same time they did and within 10 minutes they had discovered and fixed the problem. I had blown a fuse while incorrectly wiring my thermostat. They put in a better fuse (easier to replace) since my current one was old and outdated. They tested all the systems before they left. He only charged me for a checkup visit and a few bucks for the fuse. I couldn't be happier.

- Derek L. Yelp Icon