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    Totally Cool - BBB Accredited BusinessFor almost four decades, our company has led the conversation in energy conservation, savings and successful installations in Austin, TX. We offer a range of HVAC services, and we’re experts in ductless mini-splits. Totally Cool Heating & Air has the team, training and tools to install your ductless system in Austin. Our company is BBB accredited, and we proudly support the Rebuilding Together Austin initiative.

    We put customer satisfaction at the top of the list. We hire only the best heating and cooling professionals to oversee installations, troubleshooting and repairs. Each specialist has had the education, apprenticeship and licensing to execute the most exacting customer needs. Soft skills include critical thinking, dexterity, communication and other personal qualities that contribute to our success.

    Why we stand out:
    • Have over 35 years experience
    • Guarantee satisfaction every time
    • Are a registered and insured contractor
    • Hire only qualified, certified technicians

    Premium Ductless Systems in Austin

    Ductless Mini-Splits in Austin, TXIf you want a ductless mini-split system, the process begins with an inspection of your Austin home. When installing a new ductless system, we look at the overall square footage of your home and the varying sizes of the different rooms. We look at which spaces are used frequently and at what time of day. Our recommendations are affected by shading, windows, exposed walls, insulation, the interior volume of the house and the number of rooms.

    Many kinds of homes are good choices for installing a ductless system. Homes without ducting that are not undergoing a major renovation can save costs with this kind of system. These homes typically have AC window units and baseboard heating. Older, historic homes with plaster or stucco walls that don’t offer the room for in-wall ducting are also good options for a ductless system. You can often save money with a new addition by having a ductless system installed in this new area without the cost of rerouting your existing ducting and upgrading your whole-house HVAC unit.

    • Are quiet and efficient
    • Provide both heating and cooling
    • Can be zoned, whole-home or an add-on to a home addition
    • Can be paired with smart thermostats for more efficiency

    Quality Mini-Split Services

    Quality Mini-Split Services in Austin, TXTotally Cool Heating & Air spends its workdays installing, maintaining and repairing HVAC units in the Austin area, including ductless systems. We also do environmental inspections. We keep your home running and choose solutions that avoid future issues.

    Our installation processes promise to be transparent. Our techs are courteous and helpful. We check and recheck equipment before leaving. The project’s not done until everything’s in working order.

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