February 15, 2022
AC Installation in Austin, TX

The best time to install a new air conditioner is when you can plan to get the best value out of the purchase and installation cost. Generally, the best time to install a new air conditioning unit is springtime. However, the season is not the only factor to consider. The condition of your current unit and your energy needs also play a role.

Avoid the Summer Rush

Summer months are when you need to get the most power out of your AC unit. With hotter temperatures, this is a time when many people find that they need to run their air conditioners for longer periods to create comfortable conditions in their homes. As this demand for air conditioning increases in the summer, older units tend to break down. This is also when many people find that their AC is no longer efficient enough to cool their home.

However, summer becomes a difficult time to schedule repair service or new installation, simply because there are more customers in the market for HVAC services. Summer means a longer wait for service and higher-priced units. Avoiding this rush can help you to get a more personalized and timely installation service. For this reason, it is a good idea to plan and install a new air conditioner in the spring months instead.

Save Money Over Summer Installing in Spring

With the increased heat of the summer, you will find that the cost of running your air conditioner enough to make your home comfortable will also make your utility costs increase. Sometimes, this cost can be both substantial and unexpected. Installing a new unit before the end of spring assures an efficient cooling system when you need it the most. You may find that you are saving yourself from a midseason need for emergency repair by preemptively replacing the device. Over the long run, this may also help cut your monthly energy costs.

Buy Now, Install Later

A great way to plan for a new HVAC system is to buy a unit before you need it and then have it installed later. A benefit of this plan is that you will be able to shop for a good deal on your purchase, at a time you are not rushed. Planning this way may allow you to take advantage of seasonal discounts and lower installation costs. Once you have a great price, schedule the AC installation when it’s convenient for you. This also allows your HVAC technician to give your installation project the most amount of attention.

Avoid Constant Repairs

Paying for frequent repairs and service is costly. When you are at the point of making multiple calls for repairs on an older AC unit, you may find that it is more economical to consider installing a new system than dealing with uncertain repairs. The increased efficiency of a well-functioning AC may lower your monthly bills and save you the time and hassle of having to constantly meet with technicians in your home.

Home Renovations

Renovating your home is also a good time to consider installing a new air conditioner. The potential for upgrades to your system means that you could enjoy modern enhancements such as zoned cooling areas and technology such as digital thermostats. Having an updated HVAC system that fits an updated space allows you immediately enjoy the investment that you have made in your home.

New Home Purchase

When purchasing a new-build home, make sure to choose a new HVAC system that fits your needs. An oversized system tends to result in frequent cycling of the AC, reducing the life span of the system. An undersized system will not meet the cooling needs of the home and will also increase your energy costs.

When buying a preowned home, consider the condition of the current system. If it is in disrepair or the incorrect size to serve the home, you may find that the house needs a new system, adding to your new home costs.

Contact the Pros

Installing a new air conditioner requires the help of highly trained experts and technicians. At Totally Cool Heating & Air, we take pride in helping our customers in the Austin area find the best solutions for air conditioning service and installation needs. Contact us today to start making a plan for your new AC system. We also offer heating solutions and air quality assessments.

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