Heat PumpsIf you’re looking to upgrade to an energy-efficient heat pump in Cedar Park, TX, Totally Cool Heating & Air is here to help. Heat pumps are a perfect choice for the Texas climate and will effectively cool your home in summer and keep it warm during the winter months. If your current unit isn’t working as it should, we can handle all of your heat pump repair and replacement needs.

    Cedar Park Texas Heat Pump Replacement and Repair

    The popularity of heat pumps has skyrocketed in recent years for a few simple reasons. One is that heat pumps are more efficient and use far less energy than any other type of heating. This is especially true in Cedar Park where the winters tend to be quite mild. Heat pumps perform best and use less energy when the outdoor temperature is above freezing.

    Opting to install a heat pump will also be much cheaper than needing to install a central AC unit and a furnace or other type of heating.

    The only real drawback to heat pumps is that they tend to require more maintenance and can also be more prone to breakdowns. The reason for this is simply because heat pumps run throughout most of the year instead of only a few months like an AC or furnace. To ensure the unit functions effectively, you’ll want to have heating technicians professionally maintain and inspect it once in the spring and again in the fall. However, even if you have separate cooling and heating units, you’d also need to have each of these maintained once a year.

    It is also important that you schedule an inspection and get your heat pump repaired as soon as you notice any issues. Putting off any needed repairs will increase the chances of the unit breaking down and can also greatly shorten its lifespan.


    If you ever notice any of these potential problems, it’s definitely time to enlist the help of a professional heat pump repair service.
    • Sudden increases in your monthly electricity bill
    • Heating or cooling system runs for hours at a time
    • Heat pump freezes in winter and doesn’t defrost within four hours
    • Heat pump won’t switch between heating or cooling mode
    • Excessively loud operation or unusual noises

    Heat Pump Experts Near You

    At Totally Cool Heating & Air, we’ve been providing expert cooling and heating services to customers in Cedar Park for more than 35 years. Our team installs and services heat pumps for both residential and commercial HVAC systems, and we always do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. If you’re looking for a new heat pump, we can help you choose a high-quality unit from trusted brands like Trane, Carrier, and American Standard. Financing for new units is also available upon approved credit.

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    If you’re looking for the most trusted heat pump repair, installation, and maintenance service in Cedar Park, give Totally Cool Heating & Air a call today.