January 20, 2021

As temperatures start to drop, you typically rely on your heating system to keep you warm during the winter. The condition of your heater can determine how comfortable you and your family will be in your own home. If your furnace is not operating as it should, it is a good idea to get it fixed quickly. In certain scenarios, you may notice that your equipment is producing strange noises. While some furnace sounds are normal, others can hint at serious issues that could be affecting the performance of your unit. It makes sense to let an experienced and certified technician handle your heating repairs. Fortunately, our seasoned experts possess all the experience, tools, and know-how needed to repair your unit properly. We are fully geared toward accurately troubleshooting the problems with your machine. Our technicians are capable of identifying the different types of concerning sounds that your unit is making. Rest assured that we aim to get every malfunction resolved correctly and swiftly.

The following are eight unusual sounds that your failing heating system may be making.

1. Banging Noises

Loud banging sounds usually hint at a problem with the ignition. The most common ignition system for your furnace is the standing pilot light. When this element is working correctly, it burns constantly and gives off a flame that lights the burners when called on to do so. A weak flame may not be sufficient enough to heat the burners. If the pilot is not lighting, it is crucial to inspect the gas valves and make sure that they are not leaking.

2. Whistling Sounds

You may also note that your equipment keeps producing a high-pitched whistle. Whistling sounds hint that something is interfering with your equipment’s airflow. A common culprit is usually a clogged air filter. Over time, your unit’s air filters can get blocked by the accumulation of dust, debris, hair, and other airborne substances. It is absolutely vital to ensure that your filter is cleaned consistently to get the air flowing properly.

3. Soft Clunking

Another sound you may notice is a dull clunking from your furnace. This usually means that there is a problem with your fan. If the fan blades are misaligned or damaged, they may end up hitting the walls or other parts of your furnace. Eventually, the damage can be significant and your fan system may stop working completely.

4. Deep Rumbling

It is not unusual for your furnace to make a whooshing sound when working. However, if the whoosh turns into a consistent rumbling, there could be a problem with your burners. You may notice that the rumbling continues even after the unit has been switched off. Make sure that there is no fuel left in the combustion chamber. Otherwise, the burners may stay lit even after you’ve switched the unit off. This could lead to carbon monoxide getting released in your home, which offers its own dangers to the health of your family.

5. Low Humming

Most people don’t complain when their furnaces produce a humming sound. However, loud and continuous humming can be traced to a few issues. One of them is a motor failure. Watch out for common motor malfunctions such as overheating. Another problem that could lead to humming is a worn-out fan.

6. Metallic Scraping

You may also hear a scraping sound like that of a piece of metal rubbing against another piece of metal. Usually, this sound can be traced to a blower fan coming loose. This means that the blades are dragging across another fixture on the furnace. If there is nothing wrong with the blades, inspect to see if any other fixture is loose. Make sure to tighten all indoor and outdoor components.

7. Crackling Noises

On other occasions, you may hear a crackling sound from your air ducts after you switch off the furnace. This usually occurs when heated elements start to cool off whenever your unit stops running. If the sound doesn’t go away quickly, your heater may be overheating. You should check your unit for poor air circulation or dirty internal components.

8. Consistent Rattling

Rattling sounds from the air ducts usually mean that something has come loose. You can check the joints and make sure that everything is in place. If your ducts are loose, you may be losing heat. This will lead to expensive utility bills and insufficient heating.

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