September 29, 2018

Weatherization describes a series of strategies designed to protect the indoor environment from the potential negative effects of outdoor elements. This is an extremely important way for home and business owners to keep utility costs low by maximizing energy efficiency. Without weatherization, other energy-saving measures won’t be nearly as effective and may even fail. For instance, having a brand new energy-efficient furnace may not result in lowered utility bills if the household heat is all going out through drafty windows and doors or seeping out through inadequate insulation or up through an uninsulated attic.

Not only does weatherization help keep energy costs down, but it also helps keep home interiors comfortable. No one likes spending time in a drafty room, and condensation on windows that haven’t been properly sealed leads to high atmospheric humidity levels in the home interior that often results in mold, mildew, and generally uncomfortable conditions. Other weatherization options include the following:

Attic Insulation

If you don’t have at least 19 inches of insulation in your attic, you’re probably losing a great deal of energy, especially during the cold season. Keep in mind that heat rises, which means that your warm air is literally escaping through the roof if your attic doesn’t have adequate insulation. An insulated attic also provides homeowners with quieter living environments and helps prevent rodents and other household pests from gaining access.

Solar Screening

If you’re like most homeowners, you love the look of natural light streaming through your windows but dislike the havoc UV rays wreaks with furnishings, flooring, and wall art as well as the increased AC costs. Solar screening lets you have the best of both worlds. Your HVAC system won’t work nearly as hard, and you’ll be able to enjoy the natural light you love without paying for it with high utility bills and damage to interior materials.

Ductwork Sealing

Windows, doors, and attics aren’t the only places where interior air can escape from your home. Ductwork that hasn’t been properly sealed also results in serious energy loss. Having your duct leakage repaired results in energy cost savings as well as improves overall air quality in the home interior.

AC Repair Services You Can Trust

We also carry filtration and products designed to promote optimal air quality inside your home. Please don’t hesitate to contact Totally Cool Heating & Air at your convenience to find out more about how our products and services can save you money and help you breathe better air in your home interior.

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