July 9, 2019

You may notice that your home is warmer in certain spots than others during the summer. For example, upper-level rooms tend to be warmer because hot air rises. Thankfully, there are some easy solutions that can help regulate the temperature throughout your house.

Open Up Necessary Vents

First of all, you should be sure that all of the upstairs vents are open in each room. They could have accidentally been shut off. In addition, you should move any furniture that could be obstructing your vents. Furthermore, extra objects on your vent will restrict airflow and create an imbalance of cooling in your home.

Check for Sufficient Attic Insulation

If you have areas in your attic that are not covered with sufficient insulation, it is much easier for warm air to get into your attic and stay upstairs. Also, cool air will get out through those uninsulated spaces in your attic.

Replace Old Air Filters

Air filters that have not been replaced often enough get bogged down with debris that makes it impossible for enough air to flow through. The rooms with dirty air filters will have less air flowing through them consistently. If you don’t replace your air filters regularly, you will likely need to get AC repairs more often.

Keep the Fan Set to On

The fan settings on your AC unit can provide a workable solution for uneven cooling issues. When the fan is only on automatic, it turns off when the air conditioner is not actively cycling through cool air. Keeping the fan set to on means that it will always be moving air around the house. This will prevent too much warm air from getting stuck upstairs.

Scheduling an Appointment for Uneven Cooling Issues

Schedule an appointment with a skilled AC technician from Totally Cool Heating & Air. Our crew can help make sure that your home is cooled more evenly. We provide a full range of heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance services to residents throughout Austin, TX.

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