June 25, 2018

Should I Keep My AC on Auto or On? Almost all heating and cooling systems in Austin have a thermostat that can be used to control the heating separate from the cooling functions. When you want to use the system to heat the house, you use the control buttons to set it to heat. If you want to cool the house, you use the buttons to set it the cooling option. There is also an option to set the fan to “on.” And a lot of people get confused as to whether or not it’s best to leave the fan on or off.

Pros and Cons of Setting the Fan to “On”

When the fan is set to “on,” this means that it runs regardless of whether or not the system is set to heat or cool your home. To help you understand if it’s best to leave the fan option on, you first need to understand that there are pros and cons. Take for example that when the fan is on, this means that all of the air being pulled into the system is going through a filtration system to clean it. If the fan isn’t on, then the air isn’t being cleaned. It’s also with the fan turned on that you will find the system can more efficiently heat and cool your home. More so, because it increases efficiency and reliability, it keeps the fan from starting and stopping so much, which extends the life of the heating and cooling unit.

As we mentioned before, there are a few cons that go along with setting the fan to “on.” First of all, since the fan runs all the time, this means that it will cost more. In fact, when the fan runs 24/7, this can cause your utility bill to be about $50 extra a month. Running the fan all the time will also lead to the furnace filter becoming clogged quicker than it will if the fan isn’t running continuously. It’s quite simple to overcome this issue, though. All you have to do is change the filter frequently.

So, what should you do?

When you set the fan to “auto,” this means it only runs when it is commanded to by the furnace. This, of course, means that your utility bill won’t be as expensive, but because the fan starts and stops so much, it will limit the life of the unit. With this mind, you can decide for yourself which option is best for you. It’s also important to remember that with the fan set to “auto,” your home will not be heated and cooled as evenly as it will be if you set it to “on.”

When set to the “auto” option, your furnace filter will likely last much longer; however, this means that the filter isn’t be used very much to clean the air being distributed back into the home. So while you may enjoy a lower utility bill, there’s a good chance the air in your home won’t be as clean as it could be with the unit set to “on,” and it also means the unit is going to wear out much faster due to stopping and starting so much.

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