March 6, 2019

Indoor air pollution is a serious health concern that the EPA warns affects millions of Americans. Contaminants such as dust can be created in the home, and other contaminants can come from sources outside the home, such as residential traffic. Let’s consider some steps that you can take to minimize the contact that you and your family have with indoor pollution.

Regular Cleaning Regimen

Your chief concern should be dust. The reason that dust is dangerous is that it actually forms with the pollutants in your home, and that dust will continue to emit those pollutants over time. Dust every day when possible and give your home a thorough cleaning once a week.

Adequate Ventilation and Clean Air Filters

In the summertime, you may open the windows. You’re less likely to do that in winter, which means less fresh air and thus a higher concentration of contaminants. Proper ventilation ensures that you get the fresh air you need. Regular changing or cleaning of air filters plays an important role as well.

Professional Duct Cleaning

At Totally Cool Heating & Air, we offer a wide range of services related to heating and air conditioning, and we advise clients to have their ducts cleaned professionally every several years. Ducts experience a buildup of dust and other matter, and those pollutants continue to be recycled throughout your air.

Avoid Chemicals in Household Cleaners and Deodorizers

Be mindful of the household cleaners you choose. Be wary of using potentially dangerous chemicals, particularly when you cannot ensure strong ventilation. For deodorization, opt for plants and other natural solutions rather than chemical air fresheners. If you have an odor problem, then seek out the source and deal with it rather than the symptoms.

Your Local Pros

As your local heating and air conditioning pros here at [compan_name], we understand the important role these technologies play in indoor air quality, and a big part of our mission is to ensure that you and your family breathe easier. You can also count on us for weatherization options and preventive service agreements. Contact Totally Cool Heating & Air in Austin today to learn more.

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