June 6, 2019

Why should you upgrade your air conditioner? Well, as technology advances, air conditioners have been improved in every aspect of their design, including in cooling capacity, energy efficiency, size and more. If you’re tired of high energy bills and inconsistent cooling, a modern air conditioner might be just what you need.

More Environmentally Friendly

Modern manufacturers are certainly more environmentally-aware than they were in decades past. For this reason, modern AC units have almost completely phased out the old standard refrigerant R-22, which has been proven to hurt the planet’s ozone layer. The new refrigerant is also better in other ways — it’s much less likely to overheat an AC unit, meaning fewer repairs for you.

New ACs are also, of course, much more energy-efficient. Upgrading to a new AC might reduce your next cooling energy bill by anywhere from 20% to 40%.

Designed in a More Pleasing Manner

New Air Conditioners have been built to be less bulky than old ones. They’re also often more visually pleasing and less expensive than their older counterparts. Furthermore, they even sound better — new air conditioners have sleek fan blades that efficiently redistribute air without making much noise at all. It’s been estimated that most modern air conditioners make around 20% less noise than old models.

Less Maintenance

While a new air conditioner might require an upfront investment, it will certainly save you money in the long run on maintenance and repairs. Old air conditioners could need around four regular maintenance checkups a year while new AC units only require one or two. That’s several hundreds of dollars you’ll save per year on maintenance alone. Old ACs are also likely to break down more often, costing you quite a bit in repairs over the years.

More Personalizable

Have one room that is consistently hotter than the others? No problem. Just get a ductless mini-split air conditioner that will cool down that room alone. Want a new electric heater that can function as an AC too? Then a heat pump might be for you. AC units offer many more options now than in years past.

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