When you need high-quality indoor air quality services in Pflugerville, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Totally Cool Heating & Air. Our air quality testing services are performed by highly skilled technicians who can decide if there are dangerous gas leaks and pollutants in your home.

    Indoor Air Quality in Pflugerville, TX

    There are many signs that your home’s air quality is poor. We can inspect each room in your house and identify any troubling issues. If you have rodents and bugs in your home that are ruining the air quality with their droppings, we can help with that, too.

    Excellent Indoor Air Quality Services

    If you’re unsure of the quality of your indoor air, our licensed and insured team can do a professional inspection. Our tests will show if you have a gas leak, such as carbon monoxide. Our tests will also show if there is asbestos or radon. If you and your family members have been sneezing more or you’re having respiratory problems, our technicians can find the source of the issue. In other words, we can tell you exactly what is in the air in your home. We can also help you clean it.

    Our technicians look for biological, chemical, and combustion pollutants. Biological pollutants are things like mold and pet dander. We can remove dust mites, bugs, and any rodent droppings. Chemical pollutants include things like lead and asbestos. Combustion pollutants are a result of an ignition. Carbon monoxide and second-hand smoke are examples. After inspecting your home, we will also ensure that you have working carbon monoxide detectors.

    Air Quality Testing in Pflugerville, TX

    There are quite a few benefits of improving the air quality in your home.
    • Remove unpleasant odors
    • Better sleep
    • Improved breathing and respiratory issues
    • Reduced allergy issues
    • Lower utility bills

    Besides inspecting every room, we also inspect your ductwork. Leaks or damaged ductwork can affect your air quality, too. We use the most advanced technology to remove any dirt buildup in your ducts.

    Pflugerville’s Air Quality Testing Professionals

    When you put your trust in Totally Cool Heating & Air, you’re placing your confidence in a heating company and cooling company that has been around for over 30 years. We have been locally owned and operated since 1982. We serve the Pflugerville and Austin area with high-quality air testing and more.

    Besides providing professional indoor air comfort services, we also give back to our local community. Plus, we are an Austin Energy registered contractor, and we are top-rated on Angie’s List. We can help you improve the air in your home as soon as possible. Our team looks forward to serving you.

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