If you own a home in Cedar Park, TX, an indoor air quality test will go a long way toward ensuring that the safety and comfort of your residence is optimal. It’s not unusual for homeowners to concentrate on heating and cooling services while overlooking the quality of the air they breathe. However, poor air quality can have an adverse effect on both your health and your energy bills.

    Indoor Air Quality in Cedar Park, TX

    Scheduling air quality testing from Totally Cool Heating & Air can help you save money that you might otherwise have to spend on repairs. We are highly trained in air quality services, and we can ensure that your home is safe and comfortable.

    Cedar Park’s Indoor Air Quality Pros

    Most people tend to think that polluted air is only found outside the comfort of their home. However, certain factors can also result in polluted air inside your home. Scheduling an assessment test with us allows you to determine how good or bad the air quality in your house actually is. Sometimes it may even be worse than the air quality outside. We will measure different factors that help us come up with a comprehensive assessment and report. We’ll then recommend various ways to help you improve the situation.

    While assessing the quality of the air in your home, we might ask you and your family members a few questions. We’ll also run tests that involve measuring the humidity level and amount of airborne mold spores in your home. Having a high humidity level contributes significantly to the growth of bacteria, and in that case, an elevated mold level can be expected as well. If you live in an area surrounded by heavy pollutants, your home’s air quality might deteriorate over time. Once we have established the air quality in your residence, we can suggest various fixes. For example, we might recommend getting certain air filters or purchasing a humidifier or dehumidifier. Sometimes, we’ll suggest sealing your doors and windows more effectively.

    Air Quality Testing in Cedar Park, TX

    Several signs can alert you of the need to have your air quality professionally tested.
    • Lots of dust
    • Growth of mold
    • Unpleasant smells
    • Sinus or lung congestion
    • Frequent bouts of illness
    • Heightened allergic reactions

    Having our professionals at Totally Cool Heating & Air carry out air quality testing could allow you to avoid various health complications. Therefore, if you notice any of the above issues, you should contact us immediately.

    Trustworthy Air Quality Testing Team

    We’ve been locally owned and operated since 1982, and Totally Cool Heating & Air has earned an excellent reputation for offering outstanding indoor home environment services to residents of Cedar Park. Our heating technicians and air conditioning technicians work with tireless dedication to provide all our clients with the best results possible.

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    You can depend on Totally Cool Heating & Air to professionally accommodate all your indoor air quality needs. Contact us today to ensure you are in a safe and comfortable home.