hvac unitsSchedule your HVAC services with the top technicians in Taylor, TX, when you call Totally Cool Heating & Air.

    Our technicians can set you up with a new heating and cooling system, make repairs to your existing system, and provide comprehensive maintenance to keep your system running efficiently. No matter what your furnace or air conditioner needs, our technicians have you covered.

    Heating and Cooling Repairs

    With such a hard-working machine and so many parts and components, you will likely experience a malfunction in your HVAC system at some point. When this happens, you’ll need a professional technician to get the system back on track.

    From damaged parts to loose connections, our technicians can handle any repair job your furnace or air conditioner requires. We travel with a wide assortment of tools and supplies, ensuring we have everything we need to make the repairs quickly and efficiently.

    HVAC Installation in Taylor

    Although our technicians are highly skilled in HVAC repair work, there may be a time when repairs just won’t cut it. If you have an aging system, replacing your furnace or air conditioner may be more feasible rather than constantly spending money fixing it.

    Most HVAC systems last 10-20 years, though they tend to lose efficiency and break down more often as they near the end of their lifespan.

    Our technicians can help you choose a new unit, ensuring it is the ideal size for your home. Once you select a new unit, we’ll promptly install it. Our technicians work hard to properly connect the system so you can enjoy safe, reliable, and efficient heating and cooling.

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    Professional HVAC Services: Maintenance

    New or old, your heating and cooling system requires routine maintenance to keep your home comfortable. Schedule regular maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner every year, ensuring you make it through summer and winter without miserable conditions inside your home.