hvac units Hire the best team for HVAC services in Cedar Creek, TX, when you call the experts at Totally Cool Heating & Air. Our technicians provide professional heating and cooling services, ensuring your system remains efficient, safe, and reliable. Count on us for repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We cover all aspects of your HVAC needs. Contact us for all of your HVAC service needs.

    Heating and Cooling Repair Services

    Big machines break down from time to time. Your furnace and air conditioner work through extreme temperatures to keep your home comfortable, sometimes creating a heavy workload for them. With so many parts and components, you may experience a sudden breakdown.

    You could have no power to your system, the incorrect temperature of air coming from the vents, or some other problem that prevents proper heating and cooling. When this happens, our technicians will use their vast knowledge to find the issue and perform repairs.

    We have fully stocked trucks with all the tools and supplies we need to finish most repair jobs in a single visit to your home. We’ll work diligently until we finish the job, ensuring we help lower your discomfort and downtime.

    HVAC Installation in Cedar Creek

    Replacing your furnace or air conditioner can be a stressful task. You’ll need to choose the perfect model for your home to ensure it provides you with comfort for many years to come. Our technicians will help you decide on a new unit, making sure you get the best size for your home.

    We’ll remove your old unit and replace it with the new model, connecting everything properly so that you get the heating and cooling you need. Our technicians work hard to ensure safety and reliability, so we’ll test out your new unit once installation is complete.

    install furnace

    HVAC Services: Maintenance

    Maintenance is essential to keep your system running. Our technicians recommend annual maintenance for your heater and air conditioner.

    Our technicians perform a comprehensive list of tasks during annual maintenance.
    • Inspect the system visually
    • Assess for strange smells and noises
    • Lubricate moving parts
    • Clean AC coils
    • Check refrigerant level
    • Clear condensate drain
    • Test safety controls
    • Calibrate the thermostat

    Preventative maintenance helps lower your chances of unexpected breakdowns, lowering your risk of discomfort and inconvenience. Maintenance also helps your system run more efficiently which lowers your utility costs.

    You’ll enjoy better air quality with a clean and well-maintained HVAC system. Plus, you could get many more years of functional life when you schedule maintenance regularly.

    Schedule top-notch HVAC services with the most skilled professionals in Cedar Creek by calling Totally Cool Heating & Air today.