hvac unitsAt Totally Cool Heating & Air, a great source of our pride is our ability to offer the best HVAC services in Cedar Park, TX. Whether you’re in the market for an energy-efficient replacement heater or speedy air conditioning repairs, we’ll get the job done right. Our heating technicians and cooling technicians provide superb service from start to finish, and we can come out to assist you no matter where you live in the Cedar Park area.

    We’ve been the go-to company for air conditioning and heating services since we opened more than 35 years ago. If your AC or furnace is getting old or unreliable, we can set it right with high-quality repairs or a replacement. Our maintenance service will ensure you get the most out of your current heating and AC system. Let our team at Totally Cool Heating & Air help you achieve your home comfort goals!

    Repair HVAC Services in Cedar Park TX

    If there’s something wrong with your furnace or your air conditioner is acting up, the knowledgeable technicians at Totally Cool Heating & Air are here to help. We have the skills and experience to tackle any problem your HVAC system encounters. From a furnace that can’t seem to fire up to a leaky air conditioner, we’ve seen and fixed them all. Let us know right away if you notice anything suspicious like a sudden spike in your utility bills or weakening airflow from the vents. The sooner you’re able to schedule repairs, the better chance we have of stopping the damage while it’s still relatively minor.

    Here are a few of the most common signs that it’s time for heating and cooling repairs:
    • Short cycling
    • Poor indoor air quality
    • Rapidly rising energy bills
    • Lukewarm air from vents
    • Unusual sounds or smells

    Quality Installation HVAC Service

    Is your heater starting to get up there in age? Perhaps your air conditioner is less reliable or energy efficient than it once was. These are all issues we can address with furnace installation or air conditioner replacement. Investing in a new heating or cooling system can be very cost-effective in the long run. That’s because a new system consumes less energy, which translates into lower utility bills. Newer units are also more reliable and typically require far fewer repairs than older models.

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    At Totally Cool Heating & Air, we have a wide range of heating and cooling products, from traditional single-stage to contemporary two-stage systems. Whichever you choose, you can trust that it’s a high-quality item from a trusted brand. Our staff will even make sure the unit you select has the correct thermostat and BTU rating or SEER rating. Our goal is to make sure you get the dependable, efficient furnace or new air conditioner you deserve!

    Expert HVAC Maintenance Near You

    Heating and cooling systems are similar to your family car in the sense that they need regular tune-ups in order to stay in good working condition. We recommend having a furnace tune-up in the fall and air conditioner maintenance in the spring. Tune-ups lead to many benefits from more reliable performance to greater energy efficiency and cheaper utility bills. Maintenance can also extend the AC unit’s life span and put off costly replacements for as long as possible.

    During the furnace tune-up, a technician will thoroughly inspect the system, ductwork, and thermostat. They’ll also clean the unit’s components, lubricate moving parts, and tighten any loose wires. In addition to that, the technician will keep an eye out for any looming problems. One of the biggest advantages of routine maintenance is the opportunity to catch and repair issues before they become full-blown HVAC nightmares.

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    Totally Cool Heating & Air is a leading provider of HVAC services to residents of Cedar Park. To get professional assistance with your heating and cooling needs, please call our office today.