hvac unitsReach out to us at Totally Cool Heating & Air in Austin, TX to schedule HVAC services from qualified professionals who can help you maintain the optimal performance of your heating and cooling systems. All our technicians receive ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on the latest HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services.

    Whether you need a leaky air conditioner fixed or an overheating furnace replaced, our technicians have the experience and knowledge it takes to handle HVAC problems correctly the first time around. With our superior service, you can rest easy knowing your heating services and cooling system services will keep you comfortable all year.

    HVAC Repair Services Austin TX

    Even with regular maintenance, heating and cooling systems sometimes need repairs. As a homeowner, the best thing you can do to keep repairs at a minimum is to contact a professional HVAC technician when your heating or cooling system acts peculiar, sounds strange, or even smells odd. You can save yourself a lot of money by having one of our technicians look into the problem and fix it before it gets worse.

    Take, for example, a gas leak in the heating system. It is typical for gas valves in furnaces to spring leaks as a result of worn-out seals and other forms of equipment failure. In the event of a furnace gas leak, prompt furnace repair from an hvac tech is necessary. When inhaled, the gas is poisonous and may cause problems with breathing, sneezing, coughing, and headaches. Our technicians at Totally Cool Heating & Air have years of experience handling a variety of HVAC problems, including furnace gas leaks, AC freon leaks, faulty thermostats, dirty filters, broken blower motors, clogged drain lines, obstructed ductwork, and more.

    Outstanding Austin TX HVAC Installation

    It might be tempting to save money and effort when installing an air conditioning system by purchasing the most powerful unit within your budget and doing the job yourself. But this is a huge mistake. There are a lot of moving parts in a new HVAC system, so it’s best to have someone who knows what they’re doing conduct the installation for you. Failure to do so might lead to issues with operations and safety. Furthermore, having a professional install your new furnace or AC will help protect its warranty. In addition to installing air conditioning systems, we specialize in furnace and heat pump installations.

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    Expert HVAC Maintenance in Austin TX

    Following a regular HVAC maintenance plan is one of the smartest moves you can make as a homeowner. Regular maintenance helps ensure the system keeps working as efficiently as possible, which reduces unnecessary wear and tear and extends its overall life span. Our technicians recommend at least two maintenance and tune-up sessions a year, once in the fall for your heating system and once in the spring for your AC.

    AC maintenance will guarantee that your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool all summer and that your furnace will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Most importantly, it allows the technicians to inspect and fix small HVAC issues before they turn into costly repairs and replacements.

    There are many reasons to schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year:
    • Keeping warranties valid
    • Extending HVAC life span
    • Increasing HVAC efficiency
    • Preventing premature replacement
    • Improving indoor air quality
    • Enhancing indoor comfort

    To prevent issues with your HVAC system such as a carbon monoxide leak, put your confidence in our team at Totally Cool Heating & Air. Whether you need a repair, simple maintenance, or a new installation, we are here to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. It is especially important to arrange maintenance for your HVAC system if it has been more than a year since it was last serviced.

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