November 8, 2019

During the winter, the cold weather forces you to crank up the heating system to keep the inside of your home from feeling like a winter wonderland. Unfortunately, the hot air from your furnace can come with high costs. Gas and electricity bills go up when you run the heater for hours on end. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your heating expenses down.

Get a Tune-Up Before Winter

Inefficiency drives up the costs of running a heating system. When a furnace is dirty or relies on old, worn parts, the system might work a bit harder to compensate for the deficiencies. Like an employee who works overtime, the extra work the furnace performs requires more payment. You make the payments in the form of higher monthly bills. Getting a cleaning, tune-up, and inspection could improve efficiency and cut down on the added expenses. At Totally Cool Heating & Air, our team is standing by to provide any heating repair or maintenance you request. Our company knows how to cope with the weather in Austin, Texas.

Deal With Drafts

Cold air enters and hot air escapes through any gaps in your home. That old cracked window in the middle room, the one with duct tape on the cracks, could be driving your winter bills through the roof. Replacing the window or insulating it better makes sense. So does seeking out all sources of drafts in the house. Seal those drafts and preserve the hot air in the house. Sometimes, dealing with drafts only costs a minimal amount of money. You just need to make an effort to perform the fixes.

Request a Better Thermostat

An older thermostat might not cut it if you wish to keep your costs down. Maybe an upgrade to a smart, programmable thermostat would make better sense. This way, you can regulate the temperature in the home for the time you are there.

At Totally Cool Heating & Air in Austin, we have 35 years of experience with heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance. Give us a call today.

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