December 17, 2018

Even in the winter months, the desert climate of Austin, Texas is still an active influence on the environment. How can residents get relief from the dryness that aggravates allergies and other respiratory issues? Here are some of the ways adding a humidifier to your home during the winter can improve your seasonal health and comfort.

Lower the Number of Airborne Allergens

Water molecules in your air attach to the particles of dust and matter swirling around your home. Trapped in the heavy molecule, these particles drop harmlessly to the ground, losing the chance to find their way into your respiratory system. When indoor humidity is high, there are more water molecules available to trap pollutants, which leaves you with cleaner air.

Soothe Thirsty Skin Cells

Cold weather strips our skin of vital moisture, leaving skin cells parched and dry. Lotions and ointments help for a while but eventually evaporate and leave your skin vulnerable once again. Using a home humidifier in the winter fills your home with moisture that your thirsty skin can use to renew itself in between trips outside. People with conditions like eczema get the most out of having a humidifier during the winter months.

Get a Cozier Indoor Feel

Are you always chilly in the cold weather months? No matter how many pairs of socks or blankets you pile on, you just can’t seem to get comfortable. Including a humidifier in your home heating system can make your home feel warmer. Your body cools itself off through the evaporation of sweat on your skin. When there’s more moisture in the air, your sweat evaporates more slowly, which leaves you feeling warm longer.

Reduce Nighttime Nasal Irritation

The natural dryness of the Austin area is compounded by the heaters we run to keep us warm. At night, this can aggravate those with certain types of sleep apnea or who are suffering from seasonal cold or flu. A humidifier helps keep the throat and mouth coated with moisture throughout the night, reducing irritation that can make it hard to sleep. As a bonus, you may notice a little less snoring than normal.

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