February 15, 2017

You don’t always need a professional to perform some basic maintenance on your heating/cooling system that will make a big difference in both its performance and longevity.

1. Keep your filter clean!

A dirty filter restricts airflow and can shorten the life of your compressor and cause your AC coil to freeze. You should change out your filter at least every 6 months.

2. Comfort level.

Once you have determined your comfort level, set your thermostat and forget it. Constantly changing the setting is less efficient and causes undue wear and tear on your unit.

3. Keep your outdoor unit free of debris.

Make sure you keep debris, grass, weeds, etc. away from the outside unit. This causes airflow restrictions that can create costly repair problems by overheating the compressor.

4. Keep your outdoor unit free of insects.

Make sure your outside unit is free of ants and other insects. This can be easily accomplished by putting ant/insect poison around the unit. Blown terminals, capacitors and contactors are a frequent problem caused by insects.

5. No restrictions.

Do not restrict the return air grille by placing furniture or other objects in front of it. This creates a restriction of airflow and will cause the unit to freeze up and possibly overheat or damage your compressor.

6. Maintenance.

Have your system checked at least annually. The amount you save in major repairs will more than offset the small service charge of keeping your system in tiptop condition. Our seasonal tune-ups or service agreements are a great economical way to achieve this.

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