August 15, 2019

Air filters are an inexpensive part of your AC, but they are important for their health. Failing to change the air filters can cause all sorts of damage to your air conditioner. Three of the top reasons you should change your air filter are to prevent excessive wear and tear, maintain strong airflow, and protect it from overheating.

Prevent Excessive Wear and Tear

Clogged filters hasten the wear and tear on your air conditioner, which decreases its lifespan and increases the chance of it breaking down. You can minimize the need for AC repairs and extend your system’s lifespan by simply changing the air filter on time. Air filters usually need to be changed every three months. It’s a good idea to mark it in your calendar or set a digital reminder for yourself.

Strong Airflow

With dirt blocking airflow inside the unit, you may notice your vents have weaker airflow. Weak airflow comes with a host of problems, such as increased energy usage, decreased indoor comfort and strain on the AC’s internal components. The AC works harder to reach your thermostat’s set temperature when airflow is obstructed. Weak airflow, therefore, isn’t just an indoor comfort problem. It can cause your AC to die sooner than it should.

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Protect Internal Components from Overheating

A clogged air filter can lead to overheating of the condenser coil. Dirt begins accumulating in other parts of your air conditioner when the air filter is clogged. If dirt covers the condenser coil, it causes overheating. Your AC may even begin to blow warm air throughout the house when the condenser coil overheats. It usually results in damage to the appliance. Many homeowners have needed AC repair after their condenser coil overheated.

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