April 16, 2019

When hot weather rolls around, you want your air conditioning system to be working at its best. It gets hot here in Austin for much of the year. Family and guests do not want to be uncomfortable in your home when the temperatures climb. Your AC may be on and working; however, it may be not cooling at optimal levels. It may be time to call in a professional for assistance. Here are three reasons to get professional help with your AC:

Waking Up at Night Sweating

If you wake up night after night in a sweat, it might be time to realize that your air conditioning system is on the fritz. You need the help of a reliable company to get it working again. The system could be turning on and then shutting off again and might require a new thermostat or a new thermostat sensor. This sensor can sometimes be knocked out of alignment, causing the system to turn on and off.

Not Turning On

You may have worn-out electrical components, such as fan controls or a compressor. Call a technician from Totally Cool Heating & Air to inspect or replace any parts that may be worn-out or broken. The issue of not turning on may also herald the fact that your system will soon need a replacement.

Utility Bills Are Too High

Your AC system may be working but not efficiently. Filters and coils that need cleaning may cause issues, even if the system is not actually broken. Running harder causes more wear and tear on the AC as well as increases energy bills. This is where regular maintenance matters. Call in a professional rather than waiting for a breakdown; you can avoid much distress and discomfort by doing this.

We Can Help

Contact us at Totally Cool Heating & Air to have our NATE-certified technicians perform maintenance or a repair so that your AC system can be in top condition. We also offer weatherization services, preventative service agreements, and heating system services in Austin.

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